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Navigating Notary Requirements for Traveling Minors: What You Need to Know

If you're a parent or legal guardian traveling with a minor, there are important notary requirements that you need to know about. These requirements are in place to ensure the safety and protection of children while traveling. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Authorization for Minor Travel: When a minor is traveling with only one parent or without either parent, it's important to have an Authorization for Minor Travel document. This document provides proof of consent from the absent parent or legal guardian and authorizes the accompanying adult to make decisions on behalf of the minor. A notary public can assist with this document.

  2. Consent for Medical Treatment: In the event of a medical emergency, it's important for the accompanying adult to have written consent from the minor's parent or legal guardian for medical treatment. A notarized document can serve as proof of consent.

  3. Passports: If a minor is traveling outside of the country, they will need a passport. In addition, both parents or legal guardians will need to provide written consent for the minor to obtain a passport. This consent can be notarized.

  4. Visas: Some countries require a visa for minors traveling without their parents or legal guardians. In these cases, a notarized letter of consent may be required from the absent parent or legal guardian.

  5. Additional Documents: Depending on the destination, other notarized documents may be required, such as a letter of invitation or a certificate of health.

Navigating these requirements can be overwhelming, but a notary public can help ensure that your documents are notarized correctly and meet all legal requirements. A mobile notary public can even come to your location, making the process even more convenient.

At Lake Norman Notary, we understand the importance of protecting traveling minors and are here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure that your travel documents are in order.



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